NEUE SCHULE Warmblood Show Pelham Bit

NEUE SCHULE Warmblood Show Pelham Bit
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Product Description

Warmblood Show Pelham

Do you want to create the illusion of a double bridle but without using two mouthpieces? The revolutionary design of the Neue Schule Show Pelham cheek creates the illusion of doubles but only uses one mouthpiece. This is an innovative, lightweight, elegant design. Traditional Pelhams with a solid mouthpiece and fixed cheeks often encourage the horse to fix and lean. However, the Neue Schule Show Pelham snaffle ring is specifically designed to turn freely, which allows play through the reins. This eradicates any wooden feel, allows more lift from the shoulder and enhances communication. This action is also beneficial for horses that tend to over bend in a curb. The forward cut ported mouthpiece is a very comfortable design that gives generous tongue relief without causing upper palate interference. It has often proven the solution to many long term tongue evasions.

Note: All Pelham products are supplied with a polished stainless steel curb chain.