Used Saddles For Sale

We are happy to send you extra pictures of each saddles' panels or tree if you would like them. Please call 307-745-6135

Prestige Lightly used Red Fox Jump Saddle Package
Used Ovation Competition Show Jump Saddle XCH Med Tree 17" $1000.00Amerigo Antares Jump Saddle Black Calf Skin leather
Passier Lightly Used Grand Gilbert  17" Seat - Wide Tree $1600.00
Kincade Child's Jump Saddle 15" Wide Tree Excellent Condition $499.95Used Collegiate Dressage Saddle
Griffin Dressage saddle - Synthetic
Stubben Siegfried Jump Saddle 17" Seat 31 Tree $500.00  SoldSyd Hill All Leather Aussie Saddle with Accessories 15.5" Seat Medium Tree Fantastic Condition $1900.00Lightly Used MasSimo Original Dressage  Saddle 17.5" Tree 36
Kieffer Munchen All Purpose Saddle 16" Narrow Tree Good Condition $599.95Kieffer Aachen II Dressage Saddle 17" Seat Medium Tree Black Good Condition $1600.00Lovatt & Ricketts Used Dressage Saddle 17" Medium Tree  $799.95
Used no name Dressage Saddle - $500.00Used Neidersuss Dressage Saddle  17.5 Seat - Medium Tree
MasSimo All Purpose Saddle Barely Used  SOLD
Albion SLK Ultima Dressage Saddle 18" LH Medium Tree Made in England Excellent Condition. Just reflocked. SOLDStubben Romanus Extra Jump  SOLDCourbette Merkur -DL Close Contact saddle  Sold
Courbette Derby 16" Courbette Vision 18" Seat  SoldCourbette Pandur-S SOLD
Wintec All Purpose with Fittings SOLDArthur Kottas Imperial Dressage Saddle  SOLDChild's All Purpose Saddle 14" w/ Girth  SOLD
Courbette Marshel Special Dressage Saddle - SOLDKlimke Dressage Saddle 17.5" Seat, Wide Tree - Like New!  SOLDCOUNTY COMPETITOR DRESSAGE SADDLE 17" SEAT WB #4- X=SOLD
Crosby Jump Saddle 17, Med Tree - SOLD