Pariani Single flap Close-Contact Dressage Saddle - Made by the Italian Masters

Pariani  Single flap Close-Contact Dressage Saddle - Made by the Italian Masters
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Pariani  Single flap Close-Contact Dressage Saddle - Made by the Italian Masters
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Special order

Please call to order 1-307-745-6135

Colors: "Black Soft Leather"

Seat 16 16.5 17 17.5 18 18.5

Wither Bars Tree size: S M L XL

For correct sizing of withers bar, please call The Tack Room 1-307-745-6135, we have an approved experienced saddle fitter here to assist your needs.

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery

Hard to impossible to find! This saddle is made by the masters of Italy.

Felt and expanded polyurethane padded panels.

Wool flocked panels option, special order only: call 1-307-745-6135

Quintessential Master Saddlers workmanship!

Luxurious Dressage saddle single flaps double with soft leather, and Y system billets long, with a thick thigh roll.

Hand made in Italy.

Number 1 saddle in Europe

Monoflap made of the Highest quality of leather.

Hand made by the finest in Italy.

Pariani is one of those few saddle company's who cherish their craft, by hand crafting each product from start to finish.

Pariani is the first Co to make the Jumping saddle in the early 1900's.

Perfection and quality at it's best!

Colors: BLACK

Tree is fully hand-made in wood by one of our expert craftsmen, the tree has the arch reinforced with a forged steinless steel gullet plate while the two strips, made in Anti-Corodal® alloy, make the tree both flexible and durable.Due to its high flexibility, the tree splits and the weight of the rider is distributed across its surface. While this displaces the pressure from concentrating in only one or two points, the PROLITE®-cushioned panels provide further comfort. Five standard tree sizes are available. Additionally, we are able to offer custom-made trees for horses with special withers. At no additional charge, we measure the point where the arch is usually placed to ensure the tree fits the horse as perfectly as possible.

Every Pariani saddle requires more than 20 hours of skilled craftsmanship work and every saddler works on the same saddle from beginning to end, to guarantee its high quality. The seat is cushioned with felt and PROLITE® for otpimal comfort and is available in a wider size (where indicated). Depending on the model, the tree is also available with different depth. The leather of the seat is hand-stitched to the skirt, and it's pulled and hand-hammered on the tree by more than 150 nails. The twist has been expressly narrowed to give the best contact with the horse and the covered stirrup bars give riders the best comfort. Two different styles of panels are available: 1) Pro, cushioned with felt and PROLITE® and 2) Classic, with traditional wool-flocking. Both types are specifically studied to fit your horse. All saddles are available with different flap sizes. If you tell us your height and weight we can also develop a saddle customized specifically for you at no additional charge - seat proportioned to your weight and flaps forwarded to fit the length of your legs. Crafting hand-made saddles and accessories has been our passion for generations. It makes every Pariani creation something extremely rare and luxurious.

Founded in 1903, Pariani manufactures the finest saddles and harnesses. The skilled craftsmanship and the high quality of raw materials are world-renowned. A custom-made saddle, completely hand-made is something special, and unique. Working in collaboration with Caprilli from the very beginning, Pariani is the first in the world to create a new type of saddle with spring tree and different rider position. (1982 - Saddlery and Horse Equipment - Jennifer Baker).

World and Olympic champions such as Raimondo, Piero D'Inzeo and Graziano Mancinelli have won on Pariani saddles. Following its tradition, the Milan-based saddlery continues to produce innovative and exciting models. Over the course of a century, Pariani saddles have satisfied many riding enthusiasts, including the Kennedy family, the UK royal family, King Costantin of Greece, Shah of Persia, Ronald Reagan, Yul Brinner and many more.