Pariani Stud Girth "Italian Made"

Pariani Stud Girth "Italian Made"
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Color available: Black Dark Havana Nut Tobacco

Size: 120cm/48" 125cm/50" 130cm/52" 135cm/54" 140cm/56" 145cm/58" .

Founded in 1903, Pariani manufactures the finest saddles and harnesses. The skilled craftsmanship and the high quality of raw materials are world-renowned. A custom-made saddle, completely hand-made is something special, and unique. Working in collaboration with Caprilli from the very beginning, Pariani is the first in the world to create a new type of saddle with spring tree and different rider position. (1982 - Saddlery and Horse Equipment - Jennifer Baker).

World and Olympic champions such as Raimondo, Piero D'Inzeo and Graziano Mancinelli have won on Pariani saddles. Following its tradition, the Milan-based saddlery continues to produce innovative and exciting models. Over the course of a century, Pariani saddles have satisfied many riding enthusiasts, including the Kennedy family, the UK royal family, King Costantin of Greece, Shah of Persia, Ronald Reagan, Yul Brinner and many more.