Officinalis® Dry Shampoo Spray- 500 ml

Officinalis® Dry Shampoo Spray- 500 ml
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Product Description

The function of a dry shampoo is to clean the hair without rinsing, for when it is not possible to wash your horse with water or for spot-cleaning. Like other Officinalis® Shampoos, these can all be used on manes, tails, and coats, and are essential for hygiene and prevention of fungal infections.*

Dark coated horse? Blueberry and Blackberry- Enhances darker coats, imparting brilliance and shine from the natural tannins.

Light coated horse? Chamomile- Ideal for grey horses. Great for cleaning stains on lighter coats, and very soothing.*

Itchy, flaky skin? Lavender- Suitable for all coats, extremely fragrant, and had traditionally been used to cleanse superficial sores and wounds.*

Bay or chestnut coat? Rose- Delicate and sweet fragrance from Rose Water, and suitable for bays and chestnuts.

Itchy, flaky skin? Sage- High concentration of essential sage oil, effective in treating dandruff, and the fragrance is a natural repellent for many biting insects.*

Made in Italy.

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