Charles Owen UltraLite Body Protector Vest Adult

Charles Owen UltraLite Body Protector Vest Adult
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Product Description

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The Charles Owen UltraLite Body Protector uses advanced foam technology making it very lightweight and durable.

The room temperature flexible foam provides instant comfort and the Coolmax lining throughout wicks sweat away from your skin.

The back panels have extra ventilation to help keep you cool. Velcro fastenings allow for growth and ease of adjustment.

For extra security there is an elasticated belt clip that fastens around the waist creating a snug fit.

Adjustable shoulders and also sports a Medical Card Holder. BETA certified to EN13158:2000 and BETA 2000 Level 3. Certified to ASTM F1937.

Charles Owen Body Protector Size Chart

Size Chest Waist Over Shoulder

Child's Medium 25"-29" 20.5"-24.5" 23.5"-27.5"

Chid's Large 28.5"-32.5" 23"-27" 27.5"-31.5"

Child's XL 30"-34" 25"-29" 31.5"-35.5"

Adult Small 33"-37" 27"-33" 32.5"-36"

Adult Medium 34.5"-41" 30"-36" 35.5"-39.5"

Adult Large 38.5"-42.5" 33"-39" 38"-42"

Over Shoulder: Waist to waist over shoulder

How to Fit:

Your body protector vest should be a close fit, but should not cause any discomfort when you are in a riding position. You should be able to maintain a full range of motion.

The impact protection should cover the whole circumference of the torso, with the bottom edge not less than 25mm below the rib cage anteriorly, and should reach the pelvis laterally.

The arm hole should be approximately circular and of minimum dimensions.

The top of the back of the protector should just reach the seventh cervical vertebra (the prominent bone at the base of the neck).

The back of the protector should be as long as possible but must NOT hit the saddle, forcing the garment upward.

The panels must meet and overlap at the shoulders and sides at all times.