Charles Owen JL9 Child Medium Body Protector

Charles Owen JL9 Child Medium  Body Protector
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The JL9 Body Protector provides the feel of gel with the performance of foam. The gel material provides an extremely malleable feel and less ridged fit than other materials, and enables the product to mold more effectively to the body, in particular the ribs, while being lighter weight.

The rider feels supple rather than as though they are encased, enabling them to perform to the best of their ability. An active join allows the ribcage to expand without being restricted. Certified to BETA level 2, the JL9 body protector provides the maximum in protection without the unwelcome bulk.

A dual security and fastening system over the shoulders ensures that the vest remains in place. Elasticated hook and loop fastening straps which go over the shoulders are additionally secured by press studs. The front of the JL9 zips up and features a covered padded flap which in turn protects the zipper. The quick release three pronged elasticated belt provides additional security.

Charles Owen Body Protector Size Chart

Size Chest Waist Over Shoulder

Child's Medium 25"-29" 20.5"-24.5" 23.5"-27.5"

Chid's Large 28.5"-32.5" 23"-27" 27.5"-31.5"

Child's XL 30"-34" 25"-29" 31.5"-35.5"

Adult Small 33"-37" 27"-33" 32.5"-36"

Adult Medium 34.5"-41" 30"-36" 35.5"-39.5"

Adult Large 38.5"-42.5" 33"-39" 38"-42"

Over Shoulder: Waist to waist over shoulder

How to Fit:

Your body protector vest should be a close fit, but should not cause any discomfort when you are in a riding position. You should be able to maintain a full range of motion.

The impact protection should cover the whole circumference of the torso, with the bottom edge not less than 25mm below the rib cage anteriorly, and should reach the pelvis laterally.

The arm hole should be approximately circular and of minimum dimensions.

The top of the back of the protector should just reach the seventh cervical vertebra (the prominent bone at the base of the neck).

The back of the protector should be as long as possible but must NOT hit the saddle, forcing the garment upward.

The panels must meet and overlap at the shoulders and sides at all times.

Important note: This vest is represented by the manufacturer to meet or exceed minimum specifications for body protectors for equestrian use as defined by recognized industry bodies. Legacy Tack has not independently verified these manufacturer representations. No body protector can protect the wearer against all foreseeable impacts. This garment contains materials which are designed to reduce impact only. Some reasonably foreseeable impacts may exceed this body protector's capacity to protect against serious injury. Heat and moisture may reduce the impact reducing qualities of the material.