Massimo® DS connect Dressage Saddle

Massimo® DS connect Dressage Saddle
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For all horses with all back types, especially the wider backed horses, like the Arabian, Iberian or Warmblood, this saddle will fit 99.9% of all breeds. Eliminates pressure points and allows the horse to move freely through its topline.

Call us for more information 1-307-745-6135 or email: Connie Woodruff is a saddle fitter was the dealer in the USA that brought this amazing saddle to her clients.

A dressage saddle with flat seat, in rounded form, to provide extra space. A deep strapping guarantees a deep connection at the back of the horse.

Perfectly customized blocks, which can be positioned as desired by strong Velcro.

Cut back saddle leaves, extra wide French pillows and a broad vertebral Canal offer optimum comfort for the horse.

The Massimo ® DS connect will connect horse and rider for a better communication of aides.

Pad length: when a 44 cm (17. 5 ' ") seat