MasSimo Dressage II - 6022

MasSimo Dressage II  - 6022
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Preformed saddle flaps, Strong Knee Rolls for the Riders legs. Fore-girth straps and V-straps

Black English Leather

Panels stuffed with the highest quality white wool.

Deep Seat

The MasSimo is especially suitable for the Arab Horse, whose wide back and non-defined wither prove to be a challenge that left Walsall saddlers scratching their heads and who have still not come up with a saddle for this breed. The Makers of The MasSimo Saddler from Germany Have solved this problem!

A hundred years ago horses were narrow, and had high defined withers, but horses have evolved and now present a challenge to traditional saddle makers who refuse to move with changing shape of modern horses.

At last here is a saddle that is made to fit the horse, not the other way round.

The MasSimo saddle is unique and is the result of decades of research.

This saddle is Registered Trade marked from Germany, winning high awards, for its performance and design.