Got Flies? ® Fly Wraps® - Horse Size

Got Flies? ® Fly Wraps®  - Horse Size
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Got Flies? ® Fly Wraps®  - Horse Size
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Got Flies? ®

FLY WRAPS® are the original mesh leg wraps designed to cover and protect horses and offer relief from biting flies and insects.

~All-natural, insecticide-free solution for protecting your horse against flies & mosquitoes

~Minimizes stomping and stamping associated with the horse’s attempt to rid insects

~Used by veterinarians as medical bandages to allow air to circulate healing wounds, cuts and surgical incisions ten times faster than normal cloth bandages

~Elastic straps keep the wraps up and in place

Don’t compromise. Make sure you’re getting the patented original.

Colors: Burgundy, Green, Royal, White, Taupe, Silver, Beige, Cream